Anne Whitehead

Bluestocking in Patagonia

Bluestocking in Patagonia Bluestocking in Patagonia Mary Gilmore’s Quest for Love and Utopia at the World’s End (First published Profile Books UK, 2003-04; Untapped ebook ISBN 9781922730213; 2022 Booktopia print edition  ISBN 9781761280689)  Publisher’s cover note:‘In a remarkable blend of biography and travel writing, Anne Whitehead follows in the footsteps of the young Australian poet […]

Paradise Mislaid

Paradise Mislaid Paradise Mislaid In Search of the Australian Tribe of Paraguay(First published UQP, 1997-98; Untapped ebook: ISBN 9781922730220; 2022 Booktopia print edition: ISBN 9781761280696) Publisher’s cover note:‘In a bizarre 1890s social experiment, a band of 500 ordinary Australians followed an English journalist and visionary, William Lane, to found a socialist utopia in the tropical […]

Betsy and the Emperor

Betsy and the Emperor Betsy and the Emperor The true story of Napoleon, a pretty girl, a Regency rake and an Australian colonial misadventure (Allen & Unwin, 2015; Print edition: ISBN 9781760112936; ebook: ISBN 9781925266610) Publisher’s note:‘After Napoleon was defeated at the Battle of Waterloo in 1815, he was sent into exile on St Helena. […]

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